Who are school Governors?

Governors are one of the largest teams of volunteers in the UK and have an important role to play in raising school standards. All school governors have a drive to make a positive contribution to the children’s education and experience at St. Chad’s School.

The school governors at St Chad’s provide a balanced set of skills, come from a variety of backgrounds with representatives drawn from the local community, Lichfield Diocese, staff and parents/guardians of children within the school. They bring a wide range of skills and expertise to challenge and support school improvement.

 All governors are committed to always working in the very best interests of the pupils.

What is the role of the Governors?

The strategic role of school governors is set out in The School Governance Regulations 2013. “Governors Handbook” produced by the Department of Education. The Governing Body should;

  • Ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  • Operate in such a way that statutory duties are met and priorities are approved
  • Provide challenge and hold the headteacher and senior management team to account for improving the quality of teaching, pupils’ achievement, behaviour and safety
  • Use performance management systems across all elements of the school to improve leadership, teaching and management
  • Support and strengthen the school leadership
  • Contribute to the school’s self evaluation and understand its strengths and weaknesses
  • Engage with key stakeholders and the wider community
  • Ensure a sound financial approach exists and is managed effectively
  • Use the pupil premium and other sources to overcome barriers to learning including reading, writing and mathematics.

Governors are required by law to act with integrity, objectivity and in the best interests of the school at all times.

How does the Governing body operate?

Governors meet monthly to discuss issues affecting the strategic direction of the school. During these meetings current issues are discussed, decisions are made and policies are agreed. Actions are set to be undertaken between meetings by sub-groups or individuals who then report back to the next full governors meeting.

The approved minutes from governing board meetings are available for inspection via the school office.

The overriding concern of the governors is the welfare of the school as a whole.

The governors at St Chad’s are committed to ensuring our school is a happy, successful and safe school for all of our pupils.

 How to contact governors

If you wish to contact the Governors, please make your request through the school office. A governor will be get back to you as soon as possible.

Types of Governor

  • (Fo)     Foundation governors are appointed by the Diocese of Lichfield
  • (Par)   Parents vote for Parent Governor positions
  • (LA) A local authority governor is appointed by Staffordshire County Council
  • (Stf)     Staff Governors are voted for by members of staff
  • (Cop) Co-opted Governors can be staff or any person nominated by the governing body to bring specific skills to the board

All Governors have a four year term of office and are appointed on the basis of the skills and expertise they can bring to the Governing Board.

Currently, no school governor, other than those listed as staff members, are related to teaching staff at the school.

All decisions are the joint responsibility of the governing body, which is set up by law as a corporate body. Individual governors may not act independently to the rest of the governing body.

Documents to support Governance:

The Governors Handbook 2021

The Governors Competency Framework

Meet our Governors

The Governing Board is currently made up of the following members:

Note: The Governing Board currently does not operate different committees. Most governors have a leadership role within the Governing Board. All Governors have full voting rights.

Governor typeLocal Authority (LA)
Date of appointment 
Date of end of term of office 
Pecuniary/business interestsNone declared – Oct 2021
Full NameRev Rod Clark
Governor typeFoundation
Date of appointment 01.09.2010
Date of end of term of office 01.09.2022
PositionVice Chair Lead Governor for well-being
Pecuniary/business interestsNone declared
Role in other establishmentsReverend at St Chad’s Church
Full NameMr Phil Mapley
Governor typeCo-opted
Date of appointment 16.01.20
Date of end of term of office 15.01.24
Pecuniary/business interestsNone declared – Oct 2021
Full NameMs Lesley Broadway
Governor typeCo-opted
Date of appointment14.03.2018
Date of end of term of office13.03.2022
PositionChair (appointed 21.11.18)
Link Governor for Finance and Policies/PE
Pecuniary/business interestsNone declared – Oct 2021
Full NameMrs Sonia Hopkins
Governor typeParent Governor
Date of appointment 16.02.2017
Date of end of term of office 15.02.2025
PositionParent Governor Lead on English
Pecuniary/business interests None declared – Oct 2021
Governor typeFoundation
Date of appointment 
Date of end of term of office 
Pecuniary/business interests 
Full NameMrs Susie Grundy-Roberts
Governor type Parent Governor
Date of appointment 26.11.20
Date of end of term of office26.11.24
Pecuniary/Business interests None declared – Oct 2021
Full NameMrs Clare Rowley
Governor typeStaff Governor
Date of appointment01.06.2021
Date of end of term of office01.06.2025
PositionStaff Governor – Health & Safety
Pecuniary/Business interestsNone declared – Oct 2021
Full NameMr Peter Hitchman
Governor TypeFoundation
Date of appointment23.10.19
Date of end term of office22.10.23
PositionLead on RE/Collective Worship
Pecuniary/Business interestsNone declared – Oct 2021

Attendance at Governors Meetings:

Governors Attendance 2021-22

Governors Attendance 2020-21

Governors Attendance 2018-19

Governors Attendance 2017-18