Welcome to our family of St Chad’s CE Primary School. It is my absolute pleasure and privilege to lead this school. Our vision is to grow everyone in our entire family so that they can be the best people that they can be, through love, patience, forgiveness and kindness. Jesus came to give us all life and life in all it’s fullness (John 10:10).

We pride ourselves on loving and supporting our entire community and work closely with St Chad’s Parish Church. We want our children to highly achieve and be everything that God planned them to be. We offer a broad and balanced curriculum that encompasses and develops the whole child.

I look forward to meeting you and joining our family here at St Chad’s.

Kindest regards & blessings

Mrs Smith

Latest Tweets

@lichfield_st 18/07/2022

Keeping cool in Reception Seedlings today. Water filled trays for our toes! https://t.co/QwDfrNDwYY

@lichfield_st 08/07/2022

We are getting ready in Reception for our upcoming Pirate Day so check out our instructions – could you be a great pirate? https://t.co/ME876ZBG05

@lichfield_st 29/06/2022

Year 5 have loved opening their letters this morning from Y6! 😁⭐️ https://t.co/725dQHW4cx

@lichfield_st 24/06/2022

Dreaming of summer holidays in Reception today. The children have enjoyed making seaside collages. https://t.co/nqQW1lr6OF

@lichfield_st 21/06/2022

Exploring solar power with our water fountain today! There are some soggy children in Reception Seedlings! 😆 https://t.co/SmE7MtSwD8

@lichfield_st 20/06/2022

It was all about number bonds in Reception Seedlings today. How many ways can you make 6? What about other numbers? https://t.co/lArZL8DsFV

@lichfield_st 16/06/2022

We are now on the way to Calais to catch the euro tunnel back to Folkestone 😁 https://t.co/UlQUYcSbwO

@lichfield_st 16/06/2022

Final visit completed to the bakery! Children have practised ordering in French today! (1/2) https://t.co/TGiJynWMWa

@lichfield_st 15/06/2022

Another visit to the beach and we are now heading back to hotel for a quick rest before dinner and then free time 🏖 https://t.co/KKsgvsKEPw

@lichfield_st 15/06/2022

Afternoon under water 💦 (2/2) https://t.co/WEimnFRhW8

@lichfield_st 15/06/2022

Afternoon under water 💦 (1/2) https://t.co/7tnUkXstVC

@lichfield_st 15/06/2022

The morning started with a visit to the market. Lots of hats and souvenirs have been bought! (2/2) https://t.co/mTaTKAXsOa