Wider Curriculum

As a result of a high quality and ambitious curriculum, children are courageous learners and lifelong readers. They have a deep love of others and their community. They are knowledgeable and prepared for learning and life beyond St Chad’s. 

ATLP Curriculum

We follow the ATLP curriculum for most our wider curriculum subjects – Science, History, Geography, Art, DT, MFL.   

School leaders across the partnership work collaboratively to develop and embed an exciting, engaging curriculum constructed through four core principles:

  • The growing understanding of cognitive science and it’s impact on pupil outcomes
  • The importance of building and applying knowledge
  • Collaborative resourcing and strategic planning to impact positively on teacher workload and well-being
  • Addressing social disadvantage and ensuring equality across the MAT, considering our cultural capital

There are 5 pillars which underpin all planning, teaching and learning:

  1. Teaching the ‘right’ learning – planning for and teaching tricky concepts.
  2. Development of schemata – ordering and sequencing learning in a logical way.
  3. Spaced practice – signposting and re-teaching key concepts.
  4. Retrieval practice – building in retrieval as this process strengthens learning.
  5. The application of knowledge – Applying key concepts and skills in varying contexts.


We follow a mindful approach to PSHE through the  PSHE Jigsaw programme.

Key information booklet


A guide to RSHE

Please see the ‘RE Curriculum’ page for more information about Religious Education.