Our Team

Head of School: Mrs J Aitken

DSL (Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Deputy Headteacher: Mr A Jones

DDSL (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead), Learning Futures Lead, Pupil Premium Lead and EYFS Lead

SENDCo :  Mrs Bee

DDSL, Designated Teacher and PSHE Lead

Family Support Worker: Mrs Rowley


Office Support Manager: Mrs Draper
Clerical Officer:  Miss Hyde
Site Manager: Mr Brown

Teachers and Learning Support Assistants


Mrs Prime  (Class Teacher / RE Lead)

Mrs Nugent (Class Teacher / Phonics Lead)                

Mrs Bromley (LSA)   

Year 1                                

Mrs Lloyd (Class Teacher / Art Lead)

Mrs Wassell (Class Teacher / Science Lead)  

Mrs Hillman (LSA and ELSA)

Year 2

Miss Cornwell (Class Teacher / English Lead / Humanities Lead / KS1 Lead / DDSL)

Mr Brassington (LSA)

Year 3

Miss Board (Class Teacher / PE Lead / Music Lead)

Mrs Ashford (LSA)

Year 4

Mrs Palmer (Class Teacher – ECT)

Mrs Liddle (LSA)

Year 5

Mrs Brown (Class Teacher / DDSL / Maths Lead / KS2 Lead)          

Mrs Hibbins (LSA)

Year 6

Miss Gough (Class Teacher / My Happy Mind Lead / Forest School Lead)

Mrs Bloomfield (1:1 LSA)

Mrs Buckle (1:1 LSA)

Mr Jordan (LSA)

Nursery Staff

Miss Dudley


Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs Higgs (Lead Lunchtime Supervisor)

Miss Hyde

Mrs Keen

Ms Abela

Mrs Shilpi

Ms Johal

Mrs Buckle

Mrs Witheridge

Catering Staff

Mrs Tiplady and Mrs Davison

Cleaning Staff

Mrs Pegg – Lead Cleaning Supervisor