Transition is a vital part of a child’s growth and development as they move through school. We are
aware that while this is very exciting, it is also a period of change which can bring worry and concern.
Building relationships between teachers, children and parents is vital, so we have carefully considered the
transition process for all children to ensure it is inclusive and enables children to get to know their teachers beyond transition days too.

Transition Days: For 2 days in Summer 2, children will be moved into their new classes to get to know their class teacher and find out about the new academic year. This will take place in their new classrooms so children can begin to get used to their learning base in September. Children will undertake various activities designed to share their likes and dislikes with their new teacher and help develop a new relationship.
Goodbye from your current teacher letter: We know that changes around transition can be tricky, particularly in terms of attachment. To help children with closure, class teachers will send a short letter to their current class wishing them farewell. This can be referred to at home over the summer holiday if needed.
Get to know your new teacher letter: Before we break up for summer, your child’s new class teacher will send a letter to their new class. This can then be used and referred to throughout the summer holiday to help your child to remember who their new teacher will be and to support with the transition process.
Story time: Throughout summer 2, teachers will pop into their new class during class reading for pleasure sessions as another opportunity to meet and build relationships.
SEND pupil profile: For children with SEND, we will be sending home a pupil profile to complete, this is where parents/carers can add information about your child to help the new class teacher to get to know them and their specific needs even better. You child’s current class teacher will also contribute to this.
Meet the Teacher: In Summer 2, will hold our ‘meet the teacher’ informal drop-in, where you can pop by and meet your new class teacher.
Curriculum Overviews: Curriculum overviews for each year group will be sent out before the end of the
academic year. In September, we will send out a more detailed overview for the autumn term.